CheapWeed Alternative: CheapWeed vs. Green Society

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CheapWeed Alternative: CheapWeed vs. Green Society

CheapWeed Alternative CheapWeed vs GreenSociety

For those who regularly purchase marijuana products, it can be a challenge to look for the best online weed dispensary in Canada.

However, there are two dispensaries that we’ll take into consideration today.

CheapWeed vs. Green Society: Are both worthy of your hard-earned money when it comes to quality cannabis strains and products?

There’s only one way to find out. We’ll compare some Green Society reviews and CheapWeed reviews side by side so consumers can be enlightened of which one is better than the other.

Is Green Society a better CheapWeed alternative? Is Green Society reliable? Is CheapWeed safe? Or is CheapWeed legal? Here’s a beginners guide to buying marijuana online.

These might be some of the questions lingering in your mind right now. But don’t fret; we won’t leave you in the dark. Read until the end to find out about CheapWeed Canada and Green Society Canada’s products and services.


CheapWeed vs. Green Society: A quick look at the primary featuresCheapWeed-vs-Green-Society-Checklist

We’re going to scrutinize every detail from both online cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Below is a checklist of CheapWeed Ca coupon code vs Green Society’s, CheapWeed shipping services vs Green Society’s, and more CheapWeed CA reviews vs Green Society’s.

Key features CheapWeed Green Society
High-quality products
Free shipping
All-out customers support
Lowest prices
Broad range of products
Navigable website
Donations to charities
User-friendly site
More rewards
Multiple payment options
Reliable shipping and delivery
Updated blogs
More discounts and promos
Provides step-by-step instructions


CheapWeed vs. Green Society: An easy win by Green Society

At a glance, you can tell how Green Society goes the extra mile for their customers. Also, the said online weed dispensary has more products and services than CheapWeed Canada.

That said, you can take into account all the major factors when choosing a mail-order marijuana service in Canada. Some of these factors are:

  • Extensive product line
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliable shipping and deliveryGreen-Society-Rewards
  • Competitive prices
  • More fun perks and rewards
  • Easy website navigation and shopping
  • Quality marijuana strains and products

According to some CheapWeed Ca reviews, the company sells high-quality products. In fact, there is one thing I like about CheapWeed’s system.

They donate $2,500 to a particular charity every once in a while. They also encourage their customers to donate to any of those charities listed on their website and promised to match the total amount of customer donations.

For me, being in the cannabis industry, this is a very generous move to show your corporate social responsibility as a brand.

Nonetheless, consumers will always look for an online dispensary that’s reliable. Consumers will also look for a mail-order marijuana dispensary that has more key features overall.

That said, I can conclude that Green Society is an exemplary CheapWeed alternative due to these additional features.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the unique Green Society features and you can decide for yourself at the end of this CheapWeed vs. Green Society review.


Reasons Why Green Society is an Excellent CheapWeed Alternative

  1. Green Society is more reliable

In light of the recent CheapWeed postal issues where Cheap Weed empty boxes were delivered to consumers due to theft, this is an example of how a brand can repel trustworthiness within its customers.

Although CheapWeed has promised to create a certain system to repay the customers in the form of discounts, you still can’t help but feel frustrated with a bad shipping experience.

According to the company’s website, the CheapWeed postal issues are currently being fixed. However, the company has advised that they can no longer give customers a full refund as the company might find it hard to financially recover from the theft.

CheapWeed Canada also explained that this is not an “exit scam” and that this has affected both Canada Xpresspost and CheapWeed in a negative way.

On the other hand, Green Society has never had any issues like this since the time they started operating and serving eligible Canadians. So, when choosing an online weed dispensary, make sure you pick one who can handle your orders and take care of the consequences in case any unfortunate event occurs.


  1. Green Society has a user-friendly website

I must admit, I’ve always taken site navigation as one major factor when buying anything online. And the moment you visit both dispensaries’ homepage, you can’t help but notice the easy navigation and clear-cut web design from Green Society.

On the top, you will find the different main menus. But when you’re ready to shop, you can easily go to the “SHOP” category in Green Society’s site. Then from there, you’ll notice that they segregate the different promos, cannabis products, staff picks, and more to make it easier to choose where you want to go.

Although CheapWeed has a simple website design as well, taking into consideration the negative space for easing the eyes when browsing, they don’t have product subcategories on the top header or drop-down menu. This can be difficult especially when you’re shopping for a lot of items.


  1. Green Society provides product descriptions

Another major thing I really like about Green Society’s product pages is that they make it easy for beginners or first-time marijuana users to shop by providing product descriptions.

Once you visit a certain product subcategory, you will see a short description of the category. When you choose and click on a product you like, another short description is provided to know how the product is made and what effects they can possibly have on the users. They even tell you what the difference between phenotypes and strains.

This feature might seem ordinary, but not a lot of online weed dispensaries have this. Green Society makes it easy for those who are still starting with medicinal or recreational cannabis to purchase the right cannabis strain or product the first time.


  1. Green Society ensures transparency

Green Society partners with a lot of vendors and they make sure to be 100 percent transparent with their customers by putting a separate section for the list of vendors on their “BRANDS” page.

In this list, consumers will see the vendor name, the various products from this vendor, the overall customer ratings, and a short description of the vendor.

As a consumer, seeing that your trusted online weed dispensary has taken the time and effort to do this, you’ll instantly feel you’ve made the right choice.


  1. Green Society has more coupon code promotionsWeekend-Flash-Sale-at-Green-Society-Save-up-to-15%-on-select-items

When it comes to CheapWeed coupon promotions, Green Society has more to offer. Although CheapWeed CA coupon codes exist, customers can’t take full advantage of it, unlike Green Society’s coupon code promotions.

Green Society coupon offers are:

CheapWeed coupon codes are in the form of a Mix and Match feature that gives customers as much as a 35 percent discount.


  1. Green Society has more payment methods

When it comes to online shopping in general, customers would want a company that offers more than one payment method.

While the most common method for all online cannabis dispensaries in Canada is through Interac, Green Society breaks the mold by offering Interac and Bitcoin payment options.

The company also promises to open up more cryptocurrency payment options in the near future. This is another evident feature that shows how a brand prioritizes customer convenience when it comes to shopping for cannabis on their website.


  1. Green Society has more rewards for customers

Fun contests and cash rewards are excellent features in an online weed dispensary. This strategy is a perfect way to retain regular customers and gain affinity from new ones.

There are two notable unique reward systems from Green Society that outshine CheapWeed’s coupon code offers.

One is the cash rewards system for those who write an online review, create an “unboxing” video of their packages, and like and share the company’s social media channels.

Another excellent and fun perk is the monthly contests that Green Society does for their regular customers. Plus, they also post the monthly winners and the prizes that they won on their website.


  1. Green Society has more updated blogs

Cannabis is an esoteric industry and not a lot of people understand how it works. That’s why many aren’t educated on how cannabis can be a groundbreaking herbal medication for certain physical and mental health conditions.

That said, articles on cannabis help enlighten people and offer solutions to customers’ pain points. That’s why blogs on the website should be constantly updated to educate those who aren’t very knowledgeable about cannabis and its effects.

While CheapWeed CA reviews can also enlighten prospects, an online dispensary that takes the time to research, share their expertise on this subject, and craft a valuable article will get extra brownie points from customers.

Green Society has more updated blog posts. At the time of writing, their most recent blog was on September 06, while CheapWeed Canada’s most updated blog was on June 08, 2019.



Hopefully, this CheapWeed vs Green Society review helped you one way or another. It’s now safe to say that Green Society is your best bet when you’re looking for a CheapWeed alternative.

Plus, with Green Society, you know you’ll never have shipping issues, unlike CheapWeed’s postal issues. So go try ordering from Green Society yourself and enjoy the benefits of their superb marijuana products!

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