King Tut by Canuk Seeds

22%-25% THC
<1% CBD
(35 customer reviews)

King Tut by Canuk Seeds is a truly royal sativa strain that is fit for a Pharoah. King Tut is the result of crossing Canuk Seeds’ feminized AK-47 with an exotic Ruderalis, which is a phenotype of cannabis that is native to South America, Asia and Central Europe. It is known for its extremely high THC concentrations which have been tested at well over 30% – these abnormally high THC levels might surprise those who are looking for a more mellow sativa high. The characteristic cerebral high of King Tut is mentally uplifting and energetic, which makes it an excellent strain that can en enjoyed during the day. As a result of its unique Colombian, Mexican and Thai genetics, the flowers of King Tut boast a complex aroma and flavour. The aroma is defined by its refreshing fruity tones that consist of citrus, apples with undertones of a sharp pine and pungent, skunky flavours.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAAA+
Lineage AK-47 x Sativa Landrace
Effects Uplifted, Cerebral, Happy, Creative & Energetic
Phenotype Indica-dominant
Terpene Profile Earthy, Sweet, Pungent & Apples

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