London Pound Cake by Cookies

• 26%-29% THC
(9 customer reviews)

Light users and beginners better beware, and don’t be fooled by the sweet aromas of this strain! While London Pound Cake (sometimes also simply referred to as Pound Cake) has a decadent dessert name, it is known to be an extremely powerful and potent heavy hitter that will leave even the most seasoned of users couch locked, though admittedly without being overwhelming as it induces a sense of calmness. A cross between Sunset Sherbert and an unknown, mystery indica strain, the London Pound Cake is an indica dominant hybrid with THC levels that can soar as high as 29%! It packs a punch of flavours, offering a beautiful blend of nutty sweetness and a medley of fruits that is as delicious as it is potent! If you have trouble falling asleep and are seeking ultra relaxing effects, this strain may be perfect for you!

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