Papaya Cake by Doctor Coughee

• 20%-25% THC
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Papaya Cake is an ultra rare craft cannabis strain that was bred and grown by award-winning British Columbian breeder Doctor Coughee. This exotic hybrid proves that somethings simply belong together, taking two extraordinary strains and combining them into one that’s even better. A cross between a mysterious Papaya phenotype and Wedding Cake, this indica-dominant strain boasts monstrous THC levels that average out around 25%. Papaya Cake has made a name for itself among both medicinal and recreational users for its’ extremely relaxing and nearly sedating high. Many revere this strain as a heavy, couch-locking indica with the euphoric, happy effects of a sativa. The unique aroma of Papaya Cake is just as it sounds – it can be described as a vanilla-like cake batter, with undertones of earthy pine and sweet, tropical fruits.

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