Voted Best Dispensary To Buy Weed Online in Canada

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Voted Best Weed Dispensary To Buy Weed Online in Canada

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 Online Dispensary Canada

If you are in constant search of the perfect cannabis strain that will suit your various physical and mental needs, look no further, Green Society mail order marijuana will offer you that and more. Our service goes beyond the computer screens and courier companies; we extend it to your lifestyle so you can live your life better the way a happy person should. We strive on sourcing the best selection of cannabis products from top shelf marijuana, edibles and concentrates for our members. If you want to buy weed online in Canada, just choose and you shall receive – discreetly and securely. Better yet, contact our customer support if you need help with the kind of strain and dosage to suit your needs. Yes, we want to help you in any way we can. That is what our online dispensary is all about.

Online Dispensary Canada

If you are in constant search of the perfect cannabis strain that will suit your various physical and mental needs, look no further, Green Society mail order marijuana will offer you that and more.

Our dispensary goes beyond the computer screens and courier companies; we extend it to your lifestyle so you can live your life better the way a happy person should. We strive on sourcing the best selection of cannabis products from top shelf marijuana, edibles and concentrates for our members. If you want to buy weed online in Canada, just choose and you shall receive – discreetly and securely. Better yet, contact our customer support if you need help with the kind of strain and dosage to suit your needs. Yes, we want to help you in any way we can. That is what our online weed shop is all about.

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1/2 Ounce Specials

Black Diamond

(121) $14.88$17.50
From $1.86 per gram
1/4 LB
(72) $40.00
(29) $45.00
(41) $2.75
(14) $12.00
(22) $12.00

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AAA+ Cannabis

Sunset Sherbet

(24) $25.00$350.00
From $3.13 per gram
1/4 LB

AAA+ Cannabis

Gary Payton

(3) $25.00$350.00
From $3.13 per gram
1/4 LB

AAA+ Cannabis

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

(112) $25.00$350.00
From $3.13 per gram
1/4 LB
(68) $30.00$450.00
From $4.02 per gram
1/4 LB

AAA+ Cannabis

Purple Kush

(53) $25.00$350.00
From $3.13 per gram
1/4 LB
(10) $28.00$400.00
From $3.57 per gram
1/4 LB

AA+ Cannabis

Jack Herer

(98) $22.00$300.00
From $2.68 per gram
1/4 LB

AAA+ Cannabis

Pink Kush

(76) $25.00$140.00
From $3.13 per gram
1/4 LB

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Green SocietyExcellentGreen Society4.7 Based on 1945 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onBill D. ★★★★★ Years of doing exceptional research business with them.Response from the ownerThank you for your continued trust and for recognizing our commitment to excellence over the years Bill. We're grateful for your partnership and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration 🙂 -,- ★★★★★ some of the best deals and very good budResponse from the ownerWe're thrilled to hear you're happy with our deals and products 🙂 Leetia N. ★★★★★ Fine products for the best prices that can't be beat any where else! Loyalty rewards programs like no other and if any issues arise(which is rare) their customer service team is friendly and quick to resolveResponse from the ownerWe're glad to hear you're enjoying our products and services Leetia 🙂 Mel C. ★★★★★ Ashley, your response to my question has prompted me to give your proffession a thumbs up. I will be 80 years old very soon, and started smoking weed back in the 1960's. I also spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, so it was freely available. Unfortunately the stuff for sale now cannot compare with the buzz handed out by White Widow and Skunk No1 back then, I am sure that kind has just been bred out of existence. In the meantime I shall enjoy your wonderful service, quick response, treatment of clients and would give you 6 stars out of 5 if I could, I will make my way through every top shelf item you have.............. Best Regards, Mel CarterResponse from the ownerThank you so much for your heartfelt message Mel! It's amazing to hear about your experiences and journey with cannabis over the years. While it's true that strains have evolved, we strive to offer the best quality and variety possible. Your praise means a lot to us, especially coming from someone with such a rich history with cannabis.We're thrilled that you're enjoying our service and products. Your 6 out of 5 stars rating made our day! We're here to ensure you have a fantastic experience with every top-shelf item you try. Thank you for your kind words and continued support 🙂 Gibran K. ★★★★★ Amazing flavour and effects from pink gas mask customer service is also very fast and helpfulResponse from the ownerThank you for your kind words Gibran! We're thrilled that you're enjoying the amazing flavor and effects of Pink Gas Mask. We're also glad to hear that our customer service has been fast and helpful. Your satisfaction is our priority. Thanks for choosing us 🙂 js_loader

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of Green Society isn’t just about accessing high-quality cannabis products; it’s a journey into a community dedicated to enhancing your holistic wellness and cannabis experience. As a Green Society Member, you are privy to an array of exclusive benefits that elevate your understanding and enjoyment of cannabis.

Our membership offers unique advantages such as:

  1. Exclusive Access to Premium Products: Discover a curated selection of top-tier cannabis strains, edibles, and accessories available only to members.
  2. Expert Guidance and Education: Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or new to the scene, our expert team provides personalized advice and educational resources to deepen your knowledge.
  3. Special Discounts and Offers: Enjoy members-only discounts, promotions, and access to special perks such as GS Rewards, Refer-a-Friend for $30, login and order streak rewards, and frequent free gifts!
  4. Community Engagement: Connect with fellow enthusiasts in a supportive and vibrant community, sharing experiences and insights with our official Discord server and through the GS Feed.

Joining Green Society means becoming part of a discerning group of individuals who appreciate the finer aspects of the cannabis world. Whether it’s for wellness, relaxation, or exploration, our membership is designed to enhance every facet of your cannabis experience.

The GS Rewards program transforms your shopping experience at Green Society into a journey of exclusive benefits and delightful surprises. Right when you become a member of the site, you open the door to a world where every purchase brings you closer to exciting rewards. Here’s what makes GS Rewards an unmissable opportunity:

  1. Simple Steps to Rewards: Shopping with us is a breeze. Just fill your cart with our premium cannabis products, complete your order, and enjoy the reward stars that automatically get added to your account.
  2. Earn Double Stars: Opportunities for members to receive DOUBLE STARS on every order. This means your rewards accumulate faster, bringing those exciting benefits within reach sooner.
  3. Varied and Valuable Rewards: Redeem your stars for a wide range of rewards, from Juicy Jay Superfine Rolling Papers to exclusive Green Society merchandise like T-shirts and herb grinders. For the cannabis enthusiasts, there are rewards like AAAA+ House Blend Shatter and even ounces of top-quality BC Bud.

There’s a reward for every preference. Whether you’re into concentrates, edibles, or classic flower strains, our reward options cater to every taste and preference.

Embrace the GS Rewards program and make every purchase count. With a variety of rewards that enhance your cannabis experience and a simple, user-friendly system, GS Rewards is the perfect companion for your cannabis journey.

At Green Society, every dollar you spend earns you more than just top-quality cannabis products; it earns you GS Cashback Points! Our loyalty program is designed to make your shopping experience both rewarding and economical. Here’s how it works:

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  5. Earn From Consecutive Monthly Orders: You can earn up to $50 in GS Cashback Points by placing at least 1 order for 3 months in a row.
  6. Easy Redemption: Accumulate your points and redeem them easily. Every 50 points gives you $1 off your next purchase, allowing you to save significantly over time.
  7. Seamless Shopping Experience: Our system automatically tracks your points, making the process hassle-free. Just shop as usual and watch your savings grow.
  8. Flexibility and Freedom: Use your GS Cashback Points whenever you choose. Save them up for a big discount or use them as you go – the choice is yours!

Join the GS Cashback Points program today and start turning your purchases into savings. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Green Society, your premier destination for cannabis products.

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  1. Find Your Referral Link: Locate your unique referral link on your account page.
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By participating in our Referral Program, you’re not just introducing your loved ones to quality cannabis products; you’re also unlocking rewards for both of you. Start sharing your love for Green Society today!

Yes, GST/HST is already included in all our pricing!

Our system only moves orders into processing once your E-Transfer has been matched with your order number (indicated in the notes section of your E-Transfer). Once accepted, your order will be moved to processing.

*Please allow up to 2 hours for the Interac e-Transfer to deliver your funds to our payment system. 

If your order remains on hold for longer than 12 hours and your E-Transfer is still pending, this is because we have not received your payment or you did not follow the instructions provided when sending the e-transfer.

If your E-Transfer is still pending, or has not been received, this could be due to a number of reasons:

  • We were unable to match your payment to your order when no order number is included in the notes section of your E-Transfer
  • We have not received your E-Transfer because you have sent the payment to the incorrect email address.
  • Your bank has flagged the transaction as suspicious, and needs to be contacted for confirmation to proceed with the transfer.
  • We were unable to accept the E-Transfer, because you have not included the correct question and answer as stated in the payment instructions.

If your order’s payment can not be accepted due to any of the reasons above you will be notified with an email from the accounts team. If no payment is received after 24 hours, your order will automatically be cancelled and can not be re-opened again, a new order must be made.

We do not cancel any pending e-transfers received, even after an order is cancelled. This is to avoid the bank holding the sender’s money for a month after the e-transfer is cancelled. As such all E-Transfers must be cancelled on the senders’ end, so there is no delay in the funds.

Yes! We are constantly expanding our payment options so you always have a way to make a payment. We accept multiple different types of cryptocurrency. We will continue adding more crypto-currencies in the future.

Choose the crypto payment option at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

We do not have a storefront location as we are purely an e-commerce site.

Editing My Order

Once orders are placed, you are unable to edit orders yourselves. If you wish to add to change some items, you will need to create a new order and request the old order to be cancelled.

Alternatively, your old order will cancel itself after 72 hours.

Cancelling My Order

If you wish to cancel your order, you will need to request the old order to be cancelled, or alternatively all unprocessed orders will be automatically cancelled after 72 hours.

Once approved, you are ready to place your first order!

All new accounts will have a bonus credit of $10 worth of points that you can use towards your purchase

Please Note:

Your order must be a minimum of $99 after discounts/points in order to proceed. In order to qualify for free shipping, your order must be $149+ after discounts/points. If this minimum is not met, a shipping fee will be applied based on the shipping destination from B.C. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Here is a step-by-step guide in placing your order with Green Society:

  1. Shop Marijuana, Concentrates, Edibles
  2. Click on the desired product(s), choose your weight and quantity then click “Add to Cart”. You will then have the option to “View Cart” or “Continue Shopping”.
  3. At the “View Cart” page; you can edit your order, apply coupons, redeem points and view shipping costs.
  4. When you “Checkout” the order, you will receive an email with the payment instructions.

Note: Partial payments are NOT accepted. Do not forget to include your PO# in the notes section when sending the Interac e-Transfer or Bitcoin

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your payment to be processed. You will be notified by email of your order status and tracking information.

We ship out all orders discretely so there is no indication of what is inside.

Our products are packaged in smell-proof bags for extra security and privacy and vacuum sealed.

If you choose to check mark the Shipping Insurance at checkout, your package is marked as a guaranteed delivery due to Postal Service Failures. If you do not receive your package, a credit will be issued for the full amount of your order.

*Shipping insurance will be automatically applied to all orders over $500.

Orders will be marked as SIGNATURE REQUIRED

Please Note: Nunavut & Northern Ontario are excluded from shipping insurance.


If you don’t receive your package within 48 hours after the expected arrival date, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We will not be held liable lost orders due to:

  • mistakes by the postal office
  • wrong address/unit # given by customer
  • sized at postal facility
  • stolen packages after delivery

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation which can take up to two weeks to complete.

There are number of reasons why your pack may have been set to “Successfully Delivered”

Often your item has not been lost or stolen, just delayed in delivery:

  1. Postal worker scanned all packages they have in possession as delivered and will spend the day/or following business day completing the delivery.
  2. Postal worker has placed the package in the wrong mailbox. We highly recommend you checking with your neighbor.
    • Please note, we are not liable for mistakes caused by Canada Post such has your package being delivered to the wrong address

If you have not receive your package within 48 hours after the “Successful Delivered” status, let us know and we will file a trace with Canada Post which takes about 5-7 business days.

Tips for ensuring a successful delivery, we recommend: 

  • Double check the shipping address you have provided is correct
    • If you are using a flex delivery address, make sure your account number is included as well as the RPO of which post office you have chosen for pick up
    • If you community mailbox, make sure the mailbox number is correct
    • Before panicking about a missing package, please check with your neighbors to see if they accidentally received your package

If you live in the following provinces:

  • Nunavut
  • Northern Quebec
  • Northwest Territories

We cannot offer any delivery guarantees, you will be ordering at your OWN RISK. If your order is stolen or lost, we reserve the right not to replace it.

* Shipping Insurance will not be eligible for orders from these provinces. *

If you’re tracking your package on Canada Post and its in a wrong city, its most likely due to human error at Canada Post.

Humans errors happen on occasion as postal codes are manually entered by the post office. They may have entered it wrong and off by a digit/letter which can cause a routing error and delay of 1-3 business days .

If you do not receive your shipment after 5 business days, please feel free to contact us and we will contact Canada Post to trace the package.

If your’re tracking your package on Canada Post’s website and it has not been updated its may be due to the following reasons

  • We are enroute to ship your package and it hasn’t been scanned yet at the post office
  • The package has been dropped off at the post office already but the clerk has not scanned or missed the scan on the package. The next scan will be later in the day at the processing center
  • Canada Post tracking system has a glitch with the tracking number
    • Don’t worry, once the package is in Canada Post system it’s already making its way towards you. Expect delivery within 2-3 business days depending how far you live from a major city in your province.

Members get their package on time or usually just a day later. If you do not receive it after 2 days please let us know.

Once your order has shipped, it will take up to  *3 business days to receive your order with Canada Xpress Post.

* Please note that, delays may happen that is far beyond our control that will delay your delivery

When tracking your package, please look out for the status “Item out for Delivery”, as this will indicate the package has left the sorting facility and is on the way to

** Canada Post may experience delays on Statutory Holiday, Holiday Seasons and when experiencing extreme weather conditions **

You can find your tracking number within the email that is sent to you after completing your order.

If you’re unable to find your tracking number, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Place your order before 9 AM PST and we will ship your order same day!

* Please be advised, the payment must be processed by our team in order to move it into the processing state for shipment the same day

  • The interact system can take up to 3 hours to direct your payment to the provided email address. Make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is processed before 9AM.
  • Canada Post operates Monday to Friday only, so we do not ship packages out on the weekend. Feel free to make an order and pay as we will still be processing orders through the weekend.


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