Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps

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Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are guaranteed to be moist and flavourful every single time! Juicy Jay’s are made with a registered and patented triple-dip system that coats every individual hemp wrap in multiple layers of tastiness! What makes these “blunt” wraps so ingenious is that they are completely tobacco free! These wraps are made with 100% organic, pure hemp and are perfect for the stoner who still wants to enjoy a blunt sesh without having to intake the harsh chemicals and additives associated with tobacco. With all the years, experience and dedication put into creating the perfect tobacco-free hemp wrap, Juicy Jay promises that no other brand can match their flavour or quality.

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WARNING This product contains tobacco. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers. Keep away from minors under 19 years old.

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Buy Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps Online Green Society
Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps
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