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Faded Cannabis Co. is a cannabis company that provides premium products for both recreational consumers and medicinal consumers. Since establishment, they have had a heavy focus on quality and consistency. All of their products first begin with premium flowers from local trusted growers, which guarantees pure and potent cannabis-infused products. Although it starts with premium flowers, Faded is able to provide competitive products and prices that rival or even best any other cannabis companies out there.

Although Faded have many products now, they first made a name for themselves with their extracts and edibles. Faded Extracts is known for producing high quality shatter that is extremely affordable. With a variety of strains such as the sativa Jack Herer and hybrid Gorilla Glue No. 4, they have all you would ever need or want. It is a no-brainer for many; no more looking for cheap competitor AA shatter when you get premium quality shatter at the same price!

Now on to their amazing edibles. Faded Edibles produces all of your childhood favourites but with a little much needed THC! Ranging from cherry bombs to even sour rainbow belts, there is something for everyone. For those who like options, there are even variety packs offered! Their edibles have been trusted and well-reviewed by users across Canada. You can always expect consistency AND effectiveness with these delicious snacks.

Asides from their original products, Faded has blessed us with other products including Faded tinctures and Faded vape pens. They have a range of tinctures including 1:1 CBD:THC, pure CBD, and pure THC. Their vape pens contain pure THC distillate and naturally derived terpenes; that's it. No added side products, it is as pure as you can get.

FADED Cannabis Co. states that their mission is to provide all their loyal customers with premium grade products for all their needs. It is safe to say that they have accomplished that and will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.