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Twisted Extracts is a family of cannabis and confection experts that make high-quality cannabis edibles. They are the original producers of Jelly Bombs in the cannabis market. Ever since opening up in 2015, they have made an amazing name for themselves due to their quality and consistency. Their main goal is to "enrich the quality of life of all their customers" with consistently dosed cannabis and CBD products for both recreational and medicinal use.

All their products are ALWAYS infused and never sprayed to ensure proper and consistent dosages. Furthermore, they have a very close relationship with their growing community and even have a part in the growing process from seed to final product. They carefully select their flowers to produce quality concentrates for their products. Twisted Extracts guarantees you will get the same experience every single time you take their products. The quality of the products can partly be attributed to the high-quality plants they use. They use pure Sativa and Indica plants to produce the respective products and pure CBD isolate to produce their CBD variants.

Although opening years ago, their menu has stayed true to their jelly bomb roots. The whole package comes with 80mg and is perfectly dosed into 8 visible blocks. The sativa variants can be found in mango, orange, apple and cherry. These are perfect for sparking creativity and unwinding after a long day without the sleepiness. The indica "ZZZ Bomb" variants are available in black cherry and raspberry. These are best for those who need help sleeping or in need of extreme relaxation. Twisted Extracts also makes jelly bombs in 1:1 sativa and indica variants with flavours like mango, orange, raspberry, black cherry, grape, and watermelon. For those who purely want medicinal benefits, there are also purely CBD jelly bombs in peach and pineapple flavours.

Asides from jelly bombs, Twisted Extracts produces delicious cara-melts in all their THC and CBD varieties. They are individually wrapped and come in 80mg variants similar to the jelly bombs.