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Concentrates are extracted forms of active cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, and terpenes from cannabis. Basically, they take all the good stuff and strip away the actual plant bits! Because they are extracted and then distilled and condensed into pure forms, they are more potent, hence the term “concentrate”. The components being extracted are the ingredients responsible for giving you the effects, aromas and flavours of weed itself. One example of what’s being extracted in this process are trichomes, which are the tiny crystal like structures you see on flower nuggets! Sometimes concentrates are also referred to as extracts, which is both right and wrong. Extracts are definitely a form of concentrates, though are a specific type of concentrated solvent. While the term concentrate can refer to a variety of other types, like shatter, hash, oil, resin, budder and more!

Because there is a variety of concentrates available, they can be utilized in a number of different ways though the most popular form of consumption is probably dabbing. This is done with a dab rig, which looks very much similar to a bong but also includes a fitting for a nail, or enail, which is where you place your concentrate, and then heated with a torch! It’s similar to smoking from a bong, and the nail is essentially the equivalent to a bowl you fill with weed in traditional bongs. Hash, on the other hand, can be split into little pebbles or crushed up and then rolled into a joint along with your regular grinded marijuana flowers. As always, it’s safe and best to consume only minimal amounts, and this is a stronger case when it comes to concentrates as they are already so potent. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start building your tolerance and dosage! For ease of use, you can also vape concentrates and avoid the hassle of a rig or rolling joints, or you can also simply add concentrated oils, also known as Rick Simpson Oils or Phoenix Tears, into your meals or smoothies! New to cannabis concentrates and need a little help getting started? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you get sorted!

Concentrates are typically used for their higher potency. Cannabis flower buds tend to average anywhere from 15% to 25% THC levels, and usually only around 1% CBD or less. Concentrates, on the other hand, contain around 50% to 80% pure THC and effects are almost instantaneous as cannabinoids enter the bloodstream faster when you dab. Not only do they offer instant gratification, they hit you heavier! So it’s a great and convenient way to get high and reap the best effects of cannabis for those looking to get the most out of it with less effort and time! It also isn’t just for users who simply want to get high. Concentrates are especially great for medical or CBD users who are interested in taking advantage of the health and wellness benefits of cannabis, like pain or stress relief without the experience of a psychoactive high. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that offers users that stoner experience, so CBD concentrates without THC are a great and effective method of medicating without the high!

Green Society is always looking to curate only the best quality and most exciting concentrates available on the cannabis market! Our Concentrates shop offers you an alluring array of products ranging from shatter to hashes and kief, phoenix tears, pure isolate and so much more! There is an excellent variety for heavy hitters seeking to ride out more intensive and potent highs, as well as for medical users requiring effective pain and stress relief with our CBD products. Not into dabbing or smoking? We’ve got THC and CBD infused edibles for you, too! All packaged discreetly, your purchases will be safe and private when you order from Canada’s top online dispensary, Green Society! With extremely fast shipping, your orders will arrive at your doorstep in no time!

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