The monthly contest and giveaway is currently suspended until further notice. Thank you for understanding and congratulations for everyone that got a chance to enter and win!

Monthly giveaway


Each order you complete counts as contest entry. You must enter your order number to register as an entry. There is no entry limit! The more you purchase our awesome products, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be announced on Discord, so join today!

1st Prize – $1000 Store Credit

2nd Prize – $750 Store Credit

3rd Prize – $500 Store Credit

4th Prize – $250 Store Credit

5th Prize – $150 Store Credit

6th Prize – $100 Store Credit

7th Prize – $100 Store Credit

8th Prize – $100 Store Credit

9th Prize – $100 Store Credit

10th Prize – $100 Store Credit



Each order has to made within the giveaway month.

You must also complete 2 out of 4 to qualify for the giveaway:

Leave a Trust Pilot Review

Leave a Google Business Page Review

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Submit Your Entry

Enter your order number and email and be entered into a chance for a prize. You can enter multiple times for multiple chances to win. The winners will be announced on Discord.

Giveaway Winners

Prize Order Number
$1000 1595264
$750 1599727
$500 1592787
$250 1587250
$150 1596506
$100 1598496
$100 1594706
$100 1596227
$100 1582068
$100 1598547
PrizeOrder Number

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