Referral Program

Referral Program

GIVE $30, GET $30

To receive your $30 coupon code, you must copy the link provided to you in your account page, send it to your friends to use to login to our store. Please note that only new customers that you refer are eligible for your referral link to receive your coupon code. You can use social media outlets to spread the word.

All your referrals will be logged into your account page. After a purchase is made from your friend, both you and your friend will receive a coupon code through email. Your friend must spend $50 on their order to be eligible to use their coupon of $30 which in turn we will send you a coupon of $30.

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Share your unique referral link found in your Green Society dashboard here.

When someone uses your referral link, the $30 discount will be applied to any customers FIRST order.

Instantly receive your $30 in points directly into your Green Society account after the referral order has been shipped.