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1 month ago

🎉🌿 Counting Down the Savings 🥳🍃

🌿 Get ready to blaze through April with our lit 420 celebration! 🔥 Starting today, we’re dropping a new 420 Deal every day until 4/20, when we’ll unveil the ultimate surprise sale! Introducing our daily 420 Deals, starting NOW! 🚀 Today’s special: Donkey Butter strain – 28 grams for just $69.99! 🔥 Save even more when you stock up: 5% off 2 oz, 10% off 4 oz, 15% off 6 oz, and a massive 20% off 8 oz! 😍 🎉 Stay tuned for daily highs and epic surprises! #420Deals #StayTuned 🚀🌿

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