Embark on an exciting journey to earn rewards like free gifts and discount coupons through GS Quests. Complete a variety of challenges, including writing product reviews, making consecutive orders, referring friends, and more. Each quest season lasts four months, giving you ample time to achieve your goals. Remember, you can have up to three active quests at a time, and once started, a quest can be canceled after a two-day waiting period. Choose your quests wisely, track your progress, and maximize your rewards with GS Quests. Start your quest today!

What are Quests, and how do they work?

Quests are exciting challenges that you can complete only on our website to earn amazing rewards, including free gifts and discount coupons. These quests range from writing product reviews to referring friends, making consecutive orders, and more. Each season typically lasts for four months, and during this time, you can embark on these quests to unlock fantastic rewards.

How do I start a Quest?

To begin a quest, simply visit your account page and there you will see the GS Quests tab, where you can view the available quests for the current season. Click on the quest you want to start, and you’re on your way to earning tons of rewards and free items!

Can I cancel a Quest once I’ve started it?

Yes, you can cancel a quest, but there are some rules to keep in mind. Once a quest is started, you cannot immediately cancel it; you must wait the minimum amount of days before doing so. This ensures that quest progress isn’t lost due to hasty decisions.

What is the maximum number of active quests I can have at a time?

You can have up to three active quests simultaneously. This means you can take on multiple challenges at once and maximize your chances of earning fantastic rewards.

What happens when I cancel a Quest?

When you cancel a quest, it will be completely removed from your list of active quests for the current season. This means you cannot accept the same quest again during the current season. So, choose your quests wisely and aim to complete them for the best rewards!

Can I track the rewards I’ve earned from completed quests?

Absolutely! You can view your earned rewards, such as free gifts and discount coupons, in your GS Rewards tab in your account dashboard. This allows you to keep tabs on the fantastic benefits you’ve received for your hard work.

What is the season duration for quests?

Quest seasons typically last for four months, providing you with ample time to embark on various quests and unlock rewards throughout the year.

How can I make the most of GS Quests and the quests available?

To make the most of GS Quests, we recommend choosing quests that align with your interests and preferences. Set achievable goals and challenge yourself to complete quests that matter most to you. This way, you can unlock exciting rewards while enjoying your experience on our website.

Is the minimum order amount to complete a quest before or after discounts?

Great question! The minimum order amount to complete a quest is AFTER discounts. For example, if the minimum order amount for a quest is $150 and you fill your cart up to $155, then apply a coupon that brings your cart amount under $150, you will then not be eligible to complete the quest.

We hope this FAQ will provide you with a clear understanding of how GS Quests works. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, our customer service team is here to help you on your journey to rewards. Happy questing!

DISCLAIMER: By participating in GS Quests, you acknowledge and accept that the content and features may be altered or modified at our discretion. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we continue to develop and improve GS Quests.