Pine Tar Kush

18%-22% THC
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Pine Tar Kush, also known simply as Pine Tar, is a pure indica strain that has roots connected to Pakistan. It was first introduced to the world by Old Dreams Genetics and rumour has it that the original mother plant was smuggled out of Pakistan to create this potent treat. Although the genetic makeup of this strain is generally unknown, it is speculated that it stems from a landrace strain native to the Pakistani mountain ranges. Pine Tar Kush was named aptly for its’ intense earthy, pine and hash-like aroma and resinous, almost tar-soaked buds. As a landrace strain, Pine Tar Kush possesses a higher than average THC level that ranges from 18-22%, a genetic trait most likely developed as a defense mechanism against the harsh climate of the Pakistani mountain ranges. As an indica strain, the high of Pine Tar is surprisingly euphoric, providing users with an uplifting mood boost. Where this strain shines is with its’ true indica-esque effects – after the first initial wave of euphoria, the effects transition into a calming and sedating couch-lock type of body high. This heavy-hitter is best kept for evening usage, and is ideal for those dealing with insomnia, lack of appetite, stress and pain. A true delight, Pine Tar Kush has become well-recognized for its’ earthy, pine, gas-like and hashy flavours that are reminiscent of some of Pakistan’s finest hashish.

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Pine Tar Kush
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