Kush Mints

22%-24% THC
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Another member of the infamous Cookies family, Kush Mints is a heavy hitter that was created as a cross between Bubba Kush and Seed Junky Genetics exclusive Animal Mints. This Top Shelf Collection strain is a phenotype that’s perfect for those who want a mildy-minty sensation that is balanced out by the creamy, coffee, earthy and gas or kush notes. This unique indica-dominant hybrid boasts a higher than average THC concentration that tops out around 26%, providing users with a potent high much like its’ 1990s predecessor Bubba Kush. The high of Kush Mints is a creeper, beginning with a wave of tranquility that goes from the head to the toes, easing pain, relaxing the muscles while calming and uplifting the mind. Just like many of the signature strains from Seed Junkyz Genetics, Kush Mints is known for its’ ultra-distinct and appetizing terpene profile which is dominant in pinene, limonene, caryoplyllene and linalool compounds. This extraordinary combination of terpenes translates into Kush Mints dessert-like aroma and flavour which can be recognized as creamy and earthy, with a spectacular menthol or mint-like kick.

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Kush Mints
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