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Why You Should Use Sativa

If you reside in a state or territory where medical and/or recreational use of marijuana is legal and swing by any local cannabis dispensary, you are likely to notice many different kinds of marijuana strains on the market. With such a wide variety to choose from, it can be overwhelming when you try to decide […]

Top 10 Differences of Indica and Sativa

If you’ve ever shopped around for cannabis at a dispensary or heard about strains in passing from friends, you may notice a few words stand out as common descriptors. The most common words you’ll hear, aside from slang, are the distinct grouping of the marijuana strains: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Most weed consumers utilize these […]

The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

Until recently, you wouldn’t have found hemp or cannabis products on your local high street. But today, the health benefits of both medical and recreational cannabis are better understood than ever – and it’s encouraging more and more of us to try it out for ourselves. From CBD oils to hemp milk, bags, and even […]

How Are Moon Rocks Made?

Want to know making marijuana moon rocks? We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know in this article, as well as tips on how to make them yourself. What Are Moon Rocks? Cannabis moon rocks are one of the most potent ways to smoke weed. Essentially, they consist of cannabis buds, hash oil, and rolled […]

Cannabis as Treatment for Fibromyalgia Pain

Can cannabis act as a natural remedy for fibromyalgia pain? Cannabis is popularly termed a recreational drug. However, it has been used for its medicinal benefit for centuries. Anecdotal evidence and some medical studies have proven that cannabis might act as a natural remedy for fibromyalgia pain in its various forms. The use or possession of cannabis […]

The Value of Medical Marijuana on Mental Health

Does marijuana have any mental health benefits? Considering the increased awareness of mental health’s importance in recent times, this question is worth answering. Experts, medical personnel, and alike all now agree that your mental health is equally as important as your physical health.  In some circles, it’s argued that your mental health can even affect […]

Hemp Or Marijuana: Which One Is The Best?

Thanks to the legalisation of marijuana in October 2018, cannabis is more accessible than ever. When it comes to the way we enjoy this miracle plant, we’ve now got plenty of options. But for some people, this makes it difficult to decide whether hemp or marijuana is the best choice for them.   For years, hemp products were […]

Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

The term “medical marijuana” might provoke some questions. You might be thinking: What makes medical marijuana different from regular cannabis? Is it safe? Can it be prescribed to minors? You’re not alone in thinking these questions. Many have heard of the benefits of medical marijuana, but not everyone knows how it works. Some patients are […]

Explained: Marijuana Without the High

Marijuana has been proven to offer several health benefits, including relieved anxiety, a sense of calmness, and even less seizures in some people. Many want to explore the benefits of cannabis, especially the pain-relieving ones, but do not want to experience the “high” feeling. There is actually a way to achieve this! By using a […]