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Romantic Cannabis Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

Get ready and surprise your significant other with the perfect box of cannabis infused chocolate covered strawberries this Valentine’s Day! While there is a strain called Chocolate Covered Strawberries, we’re talking about the real deal. Fresh juicy strawberries coated in rich decadent chocolate! Whether you have a romantic candlelit dinner date planned or an intimate […]

Sweet, Fruity, Candy Cannabis Strains and Edibles To Try in 2022

It is no secret or surprise that cannabis users often fall victim to cases of the munchies during their marijuana high. What exactly are munchies? These are sudden pangs of hunger or desire for food and snacks, often a side effect of many weed strains! In a fit of euphoria and relaxation, users often find […]

Making Cannabis Chocolate for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, tis the season to be finding all the perfect jolly gifts for your loved ones–and yourself, of course! And what better way to spread the holiday joy than to gift delectable edible cannabis chocolate? While it is super simple and easy to go ahead and purchase pre-made infused […]

How To Know If The Weed Online Shop Is Legit?

Buying weed online is perfectly legal in Canada, but many people are still uncomfortable doing so for many reasons. One of the biggest problems you may run into is being unsure whether the place you’re ordering from is legitimate.  Because there are so many scams out there, you may worry that you’re ordering from a disreputable […]

Soothing CBD-infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

Soothing CBD-infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

It’s the perfect time of year for a warm cup of hot chocolate. What if you could get your CBD compounds mixed with your favourite chocolate beverage? CBD-infused hot chocolate is quickly climbing the charts in popularity. You can find these drinks in dispensaries, cafes, and online. They come in liquid and premeasured packets, just […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate

3 Easy Ways to Make Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Magic mushrooms may be part of a new conversation for many of us. Psychoactive mushrooms, or magic mushrooms, have largely been illegal in most countries since the UN voted to change their drug designation in 1971.  But, instead of putting mushrooms on the list of banned substances, the committee only ended up putting the psychoactive […]

Making Cannabis and CBD Infused Butter AKA Cannabutter!

Making Cannabutter

Marijuana connoisseurs and foodies may have heard of the term “cannabutter,” which, as you may have guessed, is cannabis-infused butter! Created by incorporating cannabis flower buds or directly utilizing CBD oils, cannabutter is often used for making cannabis edibles and baked goods, but can also be incorporated into savoury dishes as an herb-butter garnish. Making […]

THC Infused Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

THC Infused Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

There are many ways to get more out of your weed, such as using a Bong or extracting potent cannabis concentrates. However, one of the most enjoyable ways to use weed is by cooking it into tasty marijuana edibles. And if you’re looking for a delicious marijuana recipe for quarantine, you’ll love this THC infused […]