Bio-Chem (Bulk)

20-22% THC

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If you’re seeking a relaxing strain that hits both hard and fast, this is the one for you! A heavily potent indica hybrid that was created by crossing the famous multi-award winning Sensi Star and equally popular heavy hitter Chemdawg #4, the Bio-Chem strain is powerfully sedative for even the most experienced users. With THC levels sitting at a high average of 20% to 25% potency, this strain really leaves no time to waste and gets the job done right as it creeps up on you within minutes, and before you know it, puts you in a state of peaceful and sedated bodily relaxation that is paired with a hazy euphoria. A perfect choice for medical users seeking effective relief for a variety of symptoms and for indica lovers seeking something stronger than the average, Bio-Chem also has a great flavour profile that blends diesel notes with a sweet citrus!

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