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Black Nepalese Hash

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Black Nepalese Hash is a rare variant of hashish that hails from the Highland regions of Nepal. There, the cultivation of cannabis and production of hash has become a cultural norm and an art-form. Nepalese Hash is considered top of the line by many enthusiasts for its’ pliability – this is a direct result of the specialized techniques used to manufacture this regional specialty. Cultivators in Nepal are notoriously known for hand-collecting resin or trichomes off the plant, before gathering them to be processed. Black Nepalese Hash has an easily-workable consistency due to the preservation of the resinous THC trichomes, making it a stoner favourite and an easy strain for beginners to dive into the world of has hashish. The aroma and flavours of Black Nepalese Hash are solely dependant on the region and plant used, although most Nepalese hash variants are derived from Nepalese landrace strains. The flavours of Black Nepalese Hash are defined by their spicy notes, with a surprising pine-like sweetness.


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Black Nepalese Hash