Blue Comatose

20-26% THC
(6 customer reviews)

Blue Comatose is a debilitating indica-dominant hybrid strain with much mystery shrouding its’ lineage. Many speculate that it was bred as a cross between Comatose OG, and Blueberry, which would explain its’ calming, euphoric and relaxing nature. The ubiquitous reputation of Blue Comatose precedes itself in Canadian cannabis circles as a hard-hitting strain that relaxes the body while also uplifting the mind. The perfect night-time strain, Blue Comatose will leave you feeling like you’re in a coma the way you’ll find yourself glued to the couch. Take a heavily relaxing, almost sedating body high and combine it with the happy, uplifting nature of its’ Blueberry lineage and you’ve got the perfect strain to help shut off stress. With THC levels that range between 22-26%, there should be no surprise to the effectiveness of this hybrid. Blue Comatose retains the original earthy, kush-like nose of Comatose OG with an added fruity sweetness from Blueberry while also exhibiting a heavy gas or diesel-like undertone.

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