Blue Crush

15%-22% THC
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Blue Crush, also popularly referred to as Blue Dreamsicle, is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a mysterious past. The original phenotype was bred by the insanely talented Riot Seeds team as a cross between Orange Dream, a Blue Dream and Orange Crush hybrid, and Sandstorm. Many imitators have tried to pass off un-official variants of Blue Crush as a cross between Blueberry X2 and other mystery Indicas, but nothing compares to the original cut by Riot Seeds. This Blue Dream-leaning hybrid has a THC concentration of 17-20% and a surprisingly high CBD content that reaches as high as 2%. As a sativa-dominant strain, Blue Crush has become correlated with a long-lasting and extremely potent cerebral high that provides a rejuvenating burst of euphoria, while also providing absolute relaxation and tranquility. The terpene profile of Blue Crush contains a Myrcene content between 0.3% – 1.1%, which gives it a very distinguishing berry-like aroma and flavour.

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Blue Crush
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