Blue Diesel by Pacific Craft

24%-26% THC
(13 customer reviews)

Blue Diesel by Pacific Craft is an euphoric and upbeat strain with an unforgettable aroma. This strain was created by crossing two legendary strains – DJ Short’s Blueberry and NYC Diesel. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Diesel is known for its pleasantly cerebral buzz and easy-going vibes. This strain is great for day-time use, as its energetic qualities will keep you uplifted as you trek through anything that comes your way. Blue Diesel boasts a moderately high 26% THC concentration, which is evident in how fast-acting the high is. What makes Blue Diesel special is its’ unique aroma and flavour. Notes of a sour, diesel-like gas blend together with sweet, berry tones to create just what you’d expect when you cross Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The smoke of Blue Diesel is described to be super smooth on the inhale and exhale and is recommended for any and all diesel lovers.

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