Blue Gelato #41

19%-26% THC
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Blue Gelato #41 is a potent indica strain that was originally created as a cross between Sunset Sherbert and the sensational Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Barney’s Farm revamped it as a homage to all the wonderful genetics available on the West Coast by then further crossing Gelato 41 with their own famous in-house bred Blueberry to create Blue Gelato 41. This psychedelic strain is known for its’ rapidly acting effects and tremendously uplifting, tranquil high. It’s advised that users be prepared before smoking this heavy-hitting indica – with THC levels that regularly soar as high as 27%, smokers should expect a heavily relaxing high that may derail any productive plans or prior engagements. The powerful high of Blue Gelato 41 starts off with a heavy body buzz that is deeply relaxing and tranquil, quickly taking away any pain, aches or inflammation users might feel. This eventually transcends into a uplifting mental buzz that is known to be very happy, full of laughter and great socially. What makes Gelato 41 most impressive are its’ physical features. This strain has mega bag appeal, with its’ dense, chunky buds that glisten with visibly fluorescent THC trichomes. Not only does the ‘blue’ part of its’ name come from the Blueberry lineage, it’s also a nod to the lovely purple, almost blue-ish tint of the leaves that can be found in this strain. The exotic aroma and flavour of Blue Gelato 41 by Barney’s Farm is characterized by its’ peculiar profile that is known for hints of an earthy, vanilla-like sweetness from its’ Thin Mint GSC genetics that contrasts with brighter notes of sweet berries, citrus fruits and a subtle skunky, diesel-like undertones from its’ Sunset Sherbert lineage.

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