Cake Crasher by Doctor Coughee (Smalls)

• 13%-21% THC
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Cake Crasher by Doctor Coughee is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) with THC levels that have recorded as high as 30%! Originally created by the infamous Seed Junky Genetics as a cross between Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher, BC-based former Karma Cup winner Doctor Coughee perfected this phenotype before deeming it worthy of Canadian standards. This exotic hybrid is truly worthy of its’ dessert namesake, exhibiting a unique aroma and flavour profile that consists of creamy vanilla, sweet fruit and subtle diesel undertones. The main terpenes found in Cake Crasher are Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool. The buzz is described as being extremely euphoric, hazy, or ‘spacey’ and cerebral while also providing an onset of relaxing and sedating qualities. Its’ reputation as a potent stress reliever, couch-locker and sleep-inducer make it great for unwinding after a long day of work, as well as for those who suffer from insomnia, inflammation and pain.

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