Chocolate Thai

15%-18% THC
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This famed and well-renowned landrace strain has been around for 60 years, maintaining its’ status and out-living many trends in the cannabis industry, all while retaining its’ original genetics. Chocolate Thai was first introduced to North Americans in the 1960s in the form of ‘Thai Sticks’ giving the strain instant recognizability and becoming known for its’ potency and not just as a gimmick. DNA Genetics and famed West Coast grower Drawoh are heralded as the group responsible for keeping the original Chocolate Thai phenotype alive to this day, giving new age stoners a taste of pure, unadulterated old-school genetics. As a sativa, the THC levels of this strain average out around 15-18% but this is one that is not to be underestimated. A couple tokes are more than enough to feel the mood-lifting effects of Chocolate Thai that invigorates users with a burst of euphoria. The nature of Chocolate Thai is very cerebral, much like the uplifting Durban Poison, while also providing a creative buzz and minor pain relief. Aroma and flavour wise, this purebred sativa has one of the most unique terpene profiles we’ve ever come across. Its’ characteristic terpene profile gives off a distinct earthy and coffee-like smell with hints of a subtle chocolate flavour.

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Chocolate Thai
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