Cypress OG

17%-24% THC
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A descendant of the legendary OG Kush and a beautiful homage to the legendary musical group, Cypress Hill, this craft cannabis strain created by The Bank Seed Genetics is a super potent and well balanced hybrid that hip hop lovers and cannabis enthusiasts alike should have on their list of strains to try–and when you do, you won’t regret it! Giving you the best of both worlds, Cypress OG is for those seeking some potency that is effective both mentally and physically. Delivering users a powerful high that is backed by 22% THC levels, it is uplifting, euphoric and full of pure bodily relaxation, and might just be the perfect strain that you are looking for. To be shared with with friends in intimate or social settings for a bit of fun and laughs, or amongst yourself at the end of a long day, Cypress OG is versatile and can be catered to just about anyone! And if this isn’t enough to win you over, perhaps its delicious blend of flavours ranging from fresh pine to sweet fruits and nuttiness will!

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