Do-Si Woah R1 by InHouse Genetix (Smalls)

20%-25% THC
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Do-Si Woah R1 is a rare phenotype of the original Do-Si Dos that was created with intent of producing a more potent and high yielding cultivar. Crossing together their own signature in-house grown Kush RBx4, Ethos Genetics managed to breed a spectacular indica-dominant hybrid strain with immensely gassy flavour profile, heavy-hitting effects and colourful buds. With THC concentrations that average around 24.5%, there should be no surprise to the potency of Do-Si Woah R1. It packs a potent, full-bodied high that uplifts the mind while relaxing the body, leaving you going “woah!”. The bag appeal of Do-Si Woah is accredited to its’ Do-Si Dos lineage, which give it a unique lustre from its’ immense trichome production and royal purple hued sugar leaves. The terpene profile of this exotic hybrid take the best attributes from its’ parental strains, combining the earthy, sweet and vanilla-like aroma of Do-Si Dos and combining it with the dank Kush and gas notes of Kush RBx4.

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DISCLAIMER: This batch of Do-Si Woah R1 by InHouse Genetix is comprised of small, popcorn-sized or smaller buds. The changes or difference in quality compared to other batches is reflected in the current sale price.

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