Euphoria Extractions Sativa Shatter Chews

150mg THC
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Experience the energizing blend of Euphoria Extractions Sativa Shatter Chews—full-spectrum, sativa-infused edibles with 150mg THC in 30 real fruit-flavored pieces. Enjoy precise dosing and an invigorating journey crafted from quality shatter infusion and delightful fruit varieties.

CONTENTS 30x Sativa Shatter Chews
MEDICAL EFFECTS Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Lack of Creativity & Fatigue
EFFECTS Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Creative, Energetic & Giggly
DOSAGE Each Sativa Chew contains 5mg of THC. Begin with one piece and allow upwards of an hour for digestion before proceeding. Take with caution.


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