Forever Phoenix THC Capsules 10mg

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Forever Phoenix THC Capsules are made using a proprietary blend that contains absolutely zero adulterants and additives – strictly cannabis extract and the wholesome goodness of MCT oil! These CBD and THC infused capsules are ideal for those who struggle with pain, inflammation or need help simulating an appetite. Each capsule contains 10mg of THC and roughly 1.05mg of CBD to help you deal with those moderate aches, pains and nuisances.

CONTENTS 10x Capsules

(per cap)

10.6mg THC

0.71mg CBN

1.05mg CBD

DOSAGE Begin with one capsule, four times a day for cases of moderate pain, inflammation or to simulate appetite
INGREDIENTS Pure Organic Cannabis Plant Extract & MCT Oil
EFFECTS Relaxed, Hungry, Happy & Sleepy
MEDICINAL EFFECTS Pain, Inflammation, Lack of Appetite & Stress

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Forever Phoenix THC Capsules 10mg

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