Golden Monkey Extracts THC Drink Mix

150mg THC


Quench your thirst and get your daily dose of chill with Golden Monkey Extracts THC Drink Mix! The newest addition to their line of innovative cannabis-infused edibles, these THC drink mixes come in three different delicious flavours that’ll have you feeling loose. Whether you’re looking to beat the insane heat, or have a refreshing reminder of Summer during the colder months, the Strawberry Kiwi, Tropical Punch and Blue Raspberry Burst drink mixes will be sure to quench your insatiable thirst. Simply add water and serve chilled over ice!

DOSAGE Each package contains 1 serving(s). Simply pour desired contents into cup with water and serve chilled with ice for best results.
FLAVOURS Blue Raspberry Burst, Strawberry Kiwi & Tropical Punch
Blue Raspberry Burst (150mg)
Strawberry Kiwi (150mg)
Tropical (150mg)

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Buy Golden Monkey Extracts Online Green Society
Buy Golden Monkey Extracts THC Drink Mix Online Green Society
Golden Monkey Extracts THC Drink Mix
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