Gorilla Breath F2 by Humboldt Seeds

25%-29% THC
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Gorilla Breath F2 is a marvelous indica-dominant hybrid variant first bred and grown by Humboldt Seeds. This impressive craft strain is known for its winning combination of traits – it was originally created as a cross between the infamous gassy Gorilla Glue #4 and classic heavy-hitter OGKB aka OG Kush Breath. This visually stunning hybrid screams luxury, with its’ impressive resinous THC coating, contrasting purple, almost black hues and exceptional trim. Gorilla Breath F2 was a specific cut that was chosen by Humboldt Seeds for its intoxicating effects, which they’ve dubbed as “one of the strongest highs of our assortment”, making it a delight for consumers and growers alike. There’s no questioning the legitimacy of its’ potency, which can evidently be found within its’ monstrous THC concentrations that soar as high as 29%. Humboldt describes Gorilla Breath F2 as powerful and long-lasting, noting that its’ effects are very intoxicating, psychoactive and cerebral in nature. The unique flavour profile of Gorilla breath F2 takes the best from both its’ predecessors, infusing the pine-like and extreme gas notes of Gorilla Glue #4 togeher with the earthy OG traits of OGKB harmoniously to create a truly room permeating dankness.

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Gorilla Breath F2 by Humboldt Seeds
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