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Harlequin CBD & Free Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Crystalline Vape Pen

13.5% CBD
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Harlequin CBD

Harlequin CBD is a fantastic sativa strain that is highly regarded among medicinal cannabis users for its above-average CBD content. This quick-acting and reliable strain was conceived as a cross between Colombian Gold and three different landrace strains – Nepalese, Thai and Swiss. Harlequin surely isn’t your average CBD strain. What makes this sativa flower so different and worth it is the insane CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. It’s clear that there is no competition when it comes to CBD strains, as this is one of the most potent and therapeutic strains for treating anxiety, inflammation and moderate pain. The aroma and flavour profile of this lovely sativa can range but quite often it is defined as an earthier strain with undertones of a pleasant sweetness.

FREE Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Crystalline Vape Pen

Take advantage of our awesome deal while quantities last! For a very limited time, we will be giving out a FREE Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Crystalline Vape Pen with every ounce (28g) order of Harlequin CBD. These sleek, discrete and potent vaporizer contain nothing but 99.6% pure CBD Crystalline and naturally-derived and phenotype-specific terpenes. Faded Cannabis Vaporizer Pen is housed within a premium 530mAh BBTANK vaporizer unit, containing 1.0mL of pure CBD Crystalline. Every BBTANK unit has the option for charging by unscrewing the bottom cap.

PLEASE NOTE: A free Faded Cannabis Co. CBD Crystalline Vape Pen will automatically be included in every order at check-out. 

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