Jack Frost by Goldenseed

21%-24% THC
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Jack Frost is an epic hybrid strain that was developed by the Goldenseed team over a time-span of five years. Many different cuts of it were refined and improved upon to create the final form of Jack Frost, which is highly regarded for its’ insanely high THC concentration and distinct aroma that’ll appeal to ALL gas/diesel lovers. This astounding hybrid was created by crossing Jack Herer, Northern Lights #5 and White Widow before being mingled with Rainbow Kashmiri, a mysterious strain with unknown origins. The genetic makeup of Jack Frost attributes to its abnormal THC levels that range around 21% on average, but have been found to be as high as 28%! The particular combination of sweet citrus, and earthy gas notes make the aroma and flavour of this strain smooth to smoke and appeal to all senses. If you’re looking for an uplifting high that’ll brighten your day while also easing minor pain and aches, look no further. Jack Frost is great for day-time use and for social settings as its’ euphoric effects are both energizing and rejuvenating. Many medicinal and recreational users seek Jack Frost for its’ ability to help with the treatment of anxiety, depression and fatigue.

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