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Ketama Gold Hash

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Ketama Gold is a rare import hash that hails from Morocco. From humble beginnings, to becoming known as the world’s largest hashish exporter, Morocco and its’ hash continuously proves to be some of the best hash in the world, with a reputation that dates as far back as the early 1960s! Ketama Gold is a landrace strain native to Morocco, that is derives from the Rif Mountains and its’ surrounding areas such as Chefchaouen, and Ketama (the commune for which the strain is named after). This pure indica landrace has been grown in the northern Rif regions for centuries, with dated records showing it was grown nationwide as far back as the 1600s! Ketama Gold Hash is made in a very traditional method, in which cannabis stalks are harvested during the autumn months and cured for as long as a month. After curing, cultivators collect the kif, or THC trichomes and sieve them, saving the best quality kif, and ensuring the highest quality product. From there, the precious Ketama Gold trichomes are precisely pressed and heated until formed into gooey, resinous slabs of hashish. From the streets of Morocco, to the coffee shops of Amsterdam, the reputation for Ketama Gold precedes itself! This specialty hash has become well known  for having relaxing effects that are effective for treating inflammation, pain, insomnia and more, while leaving users feeling relaxed and uplifted. The flavour profile of Ketama Gold is similar to many traditional hashish variants, with notes of woodiness, spiciness, and pine-like undertones.


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Ketama Gold Hash