KushKraft Spliffy Pre-Rolls

10 x 0.3g Joints
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Save yourself the time and effort and get a perfect roll every time with KushKraft Spliffy Pre Rolls! Designed to be convenient, each Spliffy weighs 0.3g and fits in a small, discrete package. Get premium quality cannabis at the tips of your fingers and enjoy anywhere, anytime!

CONTENTS 10 x KushKraft Spliffy Pre-Rolls
WEIGHT 0.3g x 10


Cinderella 99
Durban Poison
Green Crack
Banana Cream Cake
Banana OG
Death Valley OG
Grape Punch
Pina Colada
Pink Diablo
Purple Petro

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Pack 4g
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Pack 4g

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KushKraft Spliffy Pre-Rolls
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