Legendary Punch by RQS

19%-25% THC
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Legendary Punch by RQS is the ultimate culmination of hardwork, dedication and patience. Royal Queen Seeds created it as a cross between Legend OG and the popular craft cannabis strain Purple Punch. After going through many phenotypes, they eventually settled on one they deemed perfect for its’ delicious, fruity essence and amazing trichome production. As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, Legendary Punch exhibits the soothing and blissful body high of Legend OG as well as the cerebral, uplifting nature of Purple Punch. With THC levels that range between 19-25% on average, Legend Punch is not to be taken lightly. The one-two punch from its’ parental strains, and the monstrous THC concentrations combine to create a long-lasting high that all hybrid lovers will enjoy. The high of Legend Punch is very complex, and the effects range from being uplifting, psychoactive and cerebral, invoking creativity and energy into users to settling down into a deeply relaxing, and sedating buzz. As a descendant of Purple Punch, a beautiful fruity bouquet can be expected in regards to the aroma and flavours of Legendary Punch. Prominent top notes of this hybrid include ripe lychee fruit, and tart grapes, with earthy base notes and a floral, lavender-like finish. The terpene profile of Legendary Punch can be recognized by its’ concentration of Caryophyllene, Limonene and Pinene terpenes.

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Legendary Punch by RQS
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