Lindsay OG

18%-21% THC
(14 customer reviews)

Lindsay OG is an exclusive cross of OG Kush and a mysterious strain of unknown origins. Created by Liberty Farms, this indica-dominant hybrid strain has become well-recognized across North America for its’ award-winning genetics and effects. The potency of Lindsay OG should be no surprise as its average THC levels range around 18-21% making it quite formidable for a hybrid. This fan-favourite packs a well-balanced and full-bodied high that hits both the mind and body like a truck. It begins with a clear, level-headed cerebral buzz that is uplifting and creative, before transitioning into a deeply relaxing, almost sedating couch-lock body high. The aroma and flavours of Lindsay OG are likened to its’ OG Kush lineage with its’ earthy base notes of pine and fresh oak. What makes the terpene profile of Lindsay OG unique is its’ characteristic gas or diesel-like undertones, giving it a dank aroma that can be compared to Death Bubba or Tuna Kush.

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