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Raspberry Cough

15%-24% THC
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When it comes to choosing a perfect sativa, you can’t go wrong with Raspberry Cough! Originally, this strain is a sativa dominant hybrid, a creation of Nirvana Seeds by crossing a Cambodian landrace with the Ice strain. This phenotype of Raspberry Cough, however, is a pure sativa, a result of further crossing to reach this variant of perfection! It packs a delicious blend of flavours which, as you can guess, are fruity and reminiscent of sweet raspberries, a great taste that is further complemented with undertones of rich herbals, oranges and spices! With up to 24% THC content and 1% CBD, this strain offers users all the best of a sativa high, including a mood elevating uplift and a boost of energy accompanied by a calming body high that is relaxing and relieving without being debilitating or sedating! With Raspberry Cough, you’ll be getting the relaxation and uplift you need while maintaining the energy and focus to get through the day!

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