Sour Cherry Kush by Doctor Coughee

17%-25% THC
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Sour Cherry Kush is a delectable sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is well-known for its’ unique terpene profile and flavours that resemble menthol and cherry limeade. Originally bred by Sin City Seeds, it was conceived as a cross between their in-house specials, Sage ‘n Sour OG and Buddha’s Sister. Not one for beginner smokers, Sour Cherry Kush hits users with a heavily sedating body high and ultimate relaxation, which can be too much to handle for some. THC levels can range around around 17%-25% but on average are found around the midway mark at 21%. Many compare the sedating and pain-killing effects of Sour Cherry Kush to a narcotic like effect, due to its’ ability to treat severe aches, pain and many more body ailments. Sour Cherry Kush is a unique hybrid that’s flavourful and potent – what’s not to like?

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