Sweet Leaf White Label Shatter

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Sweet Leaf White Label Shatter is one of the proprietary cannabis concentrates offered by this Canadian-based team. They take pride in what they do, and have quickly become one of the most renowned and fastest growing extraction teams in the country. Their mission started because they wanted to be able to provide people with natural remedies and alternatives to harmful chemicals found in western medicine. This led the Sweet Leaf Concentrates team to creating their White Label Shatter – this product is made from strain-specific flowers to ensure all patients and recreational users alike get the individual effects and benefits they seek. Sweet Leaf White Label Shatter is processed using high-end AA+ and AAA+ flowers, extracted with medical-grade butane using a triple closed-loop method to ensure the purest and most affordable shatter available.

CONSISTENCY Shatter/Snap & Pull
THC CONTENT 63-77.5%


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