Tangerine Cookies

16%-18% THC
<1% CBD
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A super rare and coveted strain for its loud, delicious citrus and minty cookie flavours, the Tangerine Cookies strain is a perfect treat when you’re needing to catch a break and treat your tastebuds! A potent sativa hybrid, the strain was created by crossbreeding the fun and fruity Tangie strain with the super popular and Cannabis Cup award winning Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (or Thin Mint Cookies for short).

Bud Size Medium – Large
Grade AAA+
Lineage Tangie x Thin Mint GSC
Effects Uplifted, Creative, Relaxed, Euphoric & Energetic
Phenotype Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Terpene Profile Cookies, Citrus, Sweet & Fruity

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