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The Green Samurai Grape Gummies


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The way of bushido encompasses many virtues – The Green Samurai stresses the importance of a select few. Honour, respect and loyalty are the most important to them because they believe in staying true to their customers. These overlooked values effect every single product that they touch – from their small-batch artisan gummies, to their sleek and discrete vaporizer pens, this Canadian team strives to provide the best products at the best prices, with full transparency. Their signature fruit-flavoured gummy bears are infused with pure, unadulterated Delta-9 THC distillate, providing a potent kick and an abundance of beneficial cannabinoids. Potent, pure and delicious – every piece is carefully dosed at 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg per package. Treat your taste buds to an experience like none other!

CONTENTS 6x Grape Gummy Bears
DOSAGE Each gummy bear contains 25mg of THC. Start with 1 piece and allow up to 90 minutes for full effects to kick in.
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Uplifted & Giggly
MEDICAL EFFECTS Stress, Depression, Pain, Inflammation, Insomnia & Lack of Appetite

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The Green Samurai Grape Gummies

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