Top Shelf Collection Mixed Buds

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If you’re looking for an awesome deal on some of our Top Shelf Collection flowers, look no further! Our Top Shelf Collection Mixed Buds are great for those who love surprises and having a good variety on hand to smoke at all times. You can never know what you’ll get, but you can always expect a beautiful mix of AAAA+ quality Top Shelf Collection Buds at a great price, every week. Each order is guaranteed to have large, chunky buds with stellar bag appeal. All orders are sourced from our REAL strains and come in an ounce (28g) variation. Enjoy a house blend of indica, hybrid and sativa buds that’ll suit any of your versatile needs!

PLEASE NOTE: Every ounce of Top Shelf Collection buds is an actual assortment of random buds from our AAAA+ Top Shelf Collection of flowers. Every ounce consists of completely random mixed strains.

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