White Castle

17.5%-20% THC
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White Castle was first created bred by Nirvana Genetics as a cross between the cultural icon, White Widow, and a male Ice phenotype from their own signature line of in-house genetics. As the golden child of two previous award-winning parents, this indica-dominant hybrid was destined for greatness from the very beginning. On average, THC levels for White Castle can be found hovering at 20%, but what makes this strain so spectacular is its’ higher than average concentration of CBG, which averages around 2%. These levels of CBG cannabinoids provide users with quick and effective, non-intoxicating relief from many ailments such as pain, inflammation, appetite and may be effective for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma and Huntington’s disease. This special phenotype has become beloved by users for its’ sweet, dessert-like flavour of strawberries, vanilla and an earthy musk. The unique terpene profile of White Castle provides an uplifting mood boost, and social activity while also offering a strong sedating body high.

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