WiFi Cake by Pluto Craft Cannabis

20%-26% THC
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WiFi Cake is an exceptional sativa-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and White Fire OG (aka WiFi OG). Originally created by the infamous Jungle Boys collective out of California, this hybrid has swept up cannabis scenes all across the world with its’ unique flavours and heady high. BC-based breeders Pluto Craft Cannabis found this illustrious strain after a long pheno hunt – they selectively grew many different WiFi Cake phenotypes before settling on this one, praising it for its’ stellar trichome production and intensely layered terpene profile. On average, lab results tend to weigh WiFi Cake’s THC concentration around 26% which is remarkably high for a sativa-dominant strain. When smoked, the high is almost instantaneous – users will be delighted by its’ quick acting cerebral buzz that is accompanied by an invigorating burst of mood uplifting energy. Pluto Craft Cannabis selectively bred their special phenotype of WiFi Cake to inherit the sweet, vanilla-like creaminess associated with Wedding Cake while retaining the earthiness and skunk or diesel-like essence of WiFi OG.

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WiFi Cake by Pluto Craft Cannabis
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