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Marijuana enthusiasts know the struggle when it comes to getting their hands on good quality products. Ever since the boom of the cannabis industry, there have been numerous dispensaries, both online and physical, that have cropped up left and right all offering the very best products. Sadly, not all stay true to their promise of delivering good quality cannabis products to their customers.

But there is no doubt that two of the leading dispensaries around, StashClub and GreenSociety, have consistently received a lot of attention and praise. But is there merit to their accolades? This article hopes to delve deep into the similarities and differences between both dispensaries.

We will see which of the two offers a wide range of products, which one offers better customer service, and which dispensary offers better reliability and discretion when it comes to delivering the products to their customers.

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StashClub vs. GreenSociety: Quick Overview


Before we get into the details that set StashClub and GreenSociety apart, let’s take a look at a general overview of both shops. The table below doesn’t just include the kinds of products they offer but also includes services they provide such as shipping and regular promos.



Stash Club

Green Society

Quality products

Reliable shipping

Good customer service

Affordable price

Product variety

Deals and promos

Navigable website

Referral programs

Review rewards

New member deal

Regular sale

Quality blog

Extensive FAQ

Loyalty program

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StashClub vs. GreenSociety: A Better Choice


Based on the table above, it’s already quite clear which of the two dispensaries is better. Green Society. They offer more variety in their product selection. Customers can choose from a range of cannabis products from flowers to edibles, vape oils, and accessories, concentrate, and many more.

Whereas StashClub only offers Stash Miles Gift Program, Green Society not only offers Flash Sale but also specials on ounce, weekend promos, and dedicated pages for both sales and value menu so customers looking for great deals can immediately see what their options are.

Green Society is also well known within the industry as one that offers top-quality Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid medical cannabis. They understand that a good majority of people seeking these products out are those with medical conditions and so they take the time to ensure their products are effective, safe, and reliable.

Between StashClub and Green Society, the latter also offers way more marijuana accessory products than the former. Such products include:

  • Grinder
  • Hemp wraps
  • Pop sockets
  • T-shirts
  • Vape batteries
  • Rolling machine
  • Medtainer


Unique Features Exclusive to Green Society



Any online retailer knows that the cornerstone of their business’ success is a good website. It must be organized well, intuitive, and offers a great customer experience like no other.

Green Society took the time and effort to ensure that not only is their site beginner-friendly, but it also made it fool-proof.

The home page is where their top products are showcased as well as their promos and deals that visitors might find interesting. Tabs for navigating the site are also present upon entering with clear wordings and a drop-down menu so visitors can quickly scan other subcategories.

Scrolling down a little more and visitors are treated to a preview of their trending page where they post products that many people have purchased in the past.

Below are the categories that will lead visitors down the specific pages where they might find what they are looking for. They’re categorized into four main ones: Concentrates, edibles, accessories, and the Green Room where they showcase the best Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid for medical use.



What really attracts buyers to a website is the promos and sale that they can avail saving them money at the same time getting them the product that they are looking for. Most sites offer these promos via email marketing but Green Society has stepped it up a notch.

They have created separate pages for different deals and promos that might interest their customers.

Their sales page is a general overview of all the products that Green Society has on sale. They include different strains, concentrates, shatters, flowers, and even accessories. Visitors can use this page to quickly see all the products that are offered at a reduced price.

The ounce specials page is where buyers can find cannabis products that are on sale based on weight. It’s a mix of everything from bulk flowers, hybrids, to indica, and sativa.

The flash sale page is where they post items with a 25% discount. These are great for people looking for huge deals when buying large quantities of cannabis products.

Then they have the value menu page where the customers can choose from different product bundles. There, they’ll find flowers, edibles, shatter, hash, and many more.



Green Society has made it a point to partner only with the best brands that offer the best quality cannabis product. They take the time to get to know a brand before partnering with them, checking to see if they are industry compliant and have done the appropriate testing for all their products.

On their website, they make it a point that customers get to know the brands they’ve partnered with and the products that are available on the site. This way, if a frequent cannabis user has a preferred brand, they can quickly look them up on-site and see if their favorite strain, edible, or tincture is available for purchase.

Similarly, Green Society’s brand page also carries the rating for each brand so those who are new to cannabis can quickly get an idea of which brands they can trust and which ones they can try to avoid. They’ve also included a short description for each brand, detailing how they started, the message and motivation, as well as their core products.



One requirement that all e-commerce sites need to have is an FAQ page. Both Stash Club and Green Society have one but the only difference is in its value to consumers. Vying as a Stash Club alternative, Green Society made the effort to put as much information on their FAQ as they can.

Years of being in the business have made Green Society aware of the questions and feedback that they’ve received from numerous customers. They gathered all these together and made a comprehensive FAQ page where almost every possible question or clarification can be answered.

And even if customers still have further clarification or they can’t find an answer to their query, they can always reach out to Green Society’s customer support team to get the information they need.



A lot can be said about other Stash Club alternative sites. They offer almost the same kind of products and services. They have awesome deals and promos as well. But one that separates Green Society from other dispensaries and one that is a huge hit amongst their customers is their blog.

The need for a blog to accompany an online retailer is crucial in ensuring the value of the brand outside pure retail is maintained. It is blogs that a more personal side of the business is seen. It is also through blogs that both new and returning customers can get new updates about the industry as well as new ways they can make use of the products.

Green Society’s blog is both useful and relevant. They post updates on the latest cannabis news on their dedicated page. They also feature posts that talk about the benefits, effects, and recipes for cannabis products. Not only that, but they also use their blogs to inform their audience all about cannabis.



While other dispensaries stick to the conventional cannabis products, Green Society continually look for ways they can better serve their customers.

They’ve recently started classifying their new products and showcasing them in a New Products category that site visitors can access right on the home page. They aim to let their customers know of new products that they might have always wanted to have.



Integral to all weed dispensaries is their commitment to customer privacy. Not all want to tell the whole world they are using stashclub weed or greensociety weed which is why it’s important that the delivery and packaging of cannabis products they ordered online be handled with discretion.

Green Society customers need not worry since all products ordered are shipped in plain packaging without any company logo visible. Not even the delivery company will know what is inside the package.



Anyone looking for a stash club alternative can turn to Green Society with confidence. They are guaranteed high-quality products and an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. They’ve been in the business of cannabis for many years to know the ins and outs of the industry. They can serve a great source of information about the world of cannabis use as well as a reliable source of good quality cannabis products, but they also offer other cannabis-related products.

Receive 15% off entire order with coupon code STASHCLUB15