8 Most Popular Edibles 2019

8 Most Popular Edibles 2019

If you want an easy, potent, and tasty way to get the effects of marijuana, use Marijuana Edibles. Edibles can take an hour or two to kick in, but when they do, they can give you an extremely strong high that lasts for hours. Not only that, but they’re also cheap and come in all kinds of delicious forms. So what are the most popular edibles of 2019?

Edibles come in many different flavors, shapes, and sizes. While most will give you hard-hitting THC effects, you can also get pure CBD Edibles for medical use. Here are eight of the most popular edibles of 2019 you can buy online right now.

1. ZZZ Bombs by Twisted Extracts

If you want a deeply relaxing indica high, try out the ZZZ Bombs from famed edible brand Twisted Extracts. Each one of these fruit gummies contains a 10mg dose of potent THC. Just one is enough to give you a strong and sustained high, but if you enjoy the high, you can always take two or three for more intense effects.

These edibles are great for anyone who needs soothing indica effects. They can also help take away nagging pain, reduce inflammation, and help you get a nice, long sleep. They come in a couple of different flavors, so you can choose between Raspberry ZZZ Bombs by Twisted Extracts or Black Cherry ZZZ Bombs by Twisted Extracts.

Buuda Bomb Strawberry Marijuana Gummies

2. Buuda Bomb Strawberry Gummies

Buuda Bomb Strawberry Gummies are another flavorful and fruity brand of marijuana candies. These THC-packed sweets are in the form of strawberry gummy bears. Each one can give you a happy and euphoric high, reducing stress and enhancing your senses while also helping counteract various medical ailments.

You can take them one by one or even split them into smaller parts if you want to microdose. Either way, it’s easy to control your dosage and get the high you want. With 100mg in each pack at only $14.50, you’ll get amazing value out of these THC edibles.

3. Peach (CBD) Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts

Peach (CBD) Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts are a brilliant choice for users who want the medical benefits of cannabis but don’t want to get high. CBD can help with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, seizures, migraines, and a lot more without any psychoactive side effects.

These Jelly Bombs are packed with peach flavor and also contain 10mg of CBD per serving. Each pack contains 80mg in total, but with such a low price, you can always buy more if you want a higher dosage. These are perfect for those who want to medicate with CBD in a more enjoyable way.

4. Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles by MOTA Cannabis

If you ever enjoyed sour soda bottle candies as a kid, then the Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles by MOTA Cannabis are perfect for you. These gummies contain the taste of sour blue raspberry, making them delicious to snack on. They also contain both THC and CBD, meaning you’ll get a solid recreational high along with some of the best medical effects.

Each of these $15 packets contains 100mg of THC and 20mg of CBD. Of course, it’s split up into small servings to make it extra easy to control your dosage. Due to the balanced effects and great flavor, these are one of the most popular edibles available in 2019.

Custom 420 Sour Wigglers Marijuana Gummies

5. Custom 420 Sour Wigglers

Custom 420 Sour Wigglers are another tasty choice for those who enjoy sour gummies. These take on the shape of sour gummy worms, only they’re full of THC to give you fantastic recreational and medical effects.

Each $13.50 packet contains 10 sour wigglers, with each one of these containing 20mg of THC. You’ll get a ton of value out of each pack, especially as 20mg of THC is enough to give you a fantastic, long-lasting high. Of course, if the effects are too strong, you can always split these into halves to make for a more manageable dose.

6. Sativa Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts

Another popular edible product by Twisted Extracts, these Jelly Bombs will give you some of the best sativa effects. If you’ve ever wanted a long-lasting, stimulating high that energizes your mind and body, these sativa edibles can give you exactly what you need for hours on end. They also provide you with nice, soothing effects for the body, helping to relieve pain and tension.

Each pack contains 80mg of THC, split into 10mg servings. You also have a choice of flavors- you can opt for the Orange Sativa Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts or the Green Apple Sativa Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts. Both will give you the same great effects in flavorful fruity gummy form.

7. Double Chocolate Cookie by Baked Edibles

If gummies aren’t your thing, you might want to check out the Double Chocolate Cookie by Baked Edibles instead. This singular cookie contains 30mg, but at just $9, it’s cheap enough to buy a couple or more.

With plenty of THC packed into one cookie, you can always split one of these up for a milder dose. Alternatively, if you’re experienced with edibles, you can chow down on this tasty treat for some incredible THC effects. These are one of the best choices when it comes to baked marijuana edibles.

Double Chocolate Cookie by Baked Edibles

8. 1:1 Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts

If you want an even dose of both THC and CBD, these 1:1 Jelly Bombs are perfect for all of your needs. You’ll get the long-lasting, relaxing, and euphoric THC high along with a healthy dose of CBD to provide soothing medical relief for pain, inflammation, and all kinds of other symptoms.

Each pack contains 8 gummies, each with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. They’re perfect for microdosing, and it’s easy to get stronger effects simply by eating a few more. You also have a couple of choices of flavors- you can buy the 1:1 Mango Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts or the 1:1 Orange Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts. With their balanced effects, these are ideal for any user.

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