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Cannabis Extracts & How It’s Made

On the internet you can find different ways to make cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes, some of which can have different names depending on the solvent used. You can find recipes online for preparation of tinctures, oils, spirits, etc. Although the names differ, what they all have in common is that they are a concentrate of cannabinoids and can be dosed in drops. There are different options for preparing extracts of Cannabis Marijuana.

The part of the plant that is used is referred to as flowers aka buds – it doesn’t matter if there are a little bit of leaves – and the main active principle is concentrated in the flower. It would be interesting to find varieties rich in CBD (cannabidiol), since these normally contain more THC.

Oil based extract:

It is preferable to use olive oil of the highest quality (extra virgin, first pressed)
This extract would be carried out as follows:

  • Put the boat of glass almost full with the chopped flowers
  • Fill boat with alcohol and close (it is advisable that it does not touch the light)
  • Boat has to be macerated – which means to soften or separate into parts by steeping in a liquid – for 30 to 40 days, stirring every 2 to 3 days if possible
  • After these days, filter and save as previously mentioned
  • If it were the case of being very urgent, in 10 days you have already extracted quite a few properties

Extract with alcohol or tinctures:

Extracts with alcohol, also called tinctures, are usually more potent than those made with olive oil, since alcohol extracts the active ingredients more easily.

It has to be taken into account that certain people do not tolerate alcohol or should not consume it because of its disease. In that case, use olive oil or alcohol, but let it evaporate enough to make it more potent and you are able to control the intake of so much alcohol.

Cannabis Microdoses:

Microdoses are used to treat different diseases by administering a hydroalcoholic solution of tinctures of medicinal plants, or even of patent medicines, in equivalent amounts from one thousandth to five times less than the usually recommended dose.

The dosage of the microdoses is as follows:

  • Usually taken 4 times a day, 3 drops under the tongue
  • In cases of serious illness or acute cases, 3 drops under the tongue can be administered every 5-10 minutes for 1 hour, then 3 drops every hour, and after 24 hours continue with the normal dosage.

To make the mircrodosis, first we will have to have the tincture or alcoholic extract explained above, that would be the mother tincture to make this preparation.


  • On the one hand we will have the mother tincture of Cannabis
  • Have a container (better in dropper), with the vehicle that will be the transmitter, which will help to get the functions of the plants to our brain; the vehicle would be composed of 2/3 parts water and 1/3 part alcohol; therefore if we have a dropper of 30 ml, 20 ml of water per 10 ml of alcohol.
  • Once with the full container of the vehicle would have to add the mother tincture, in this case from 10 to 30 drops per 10 ml. Each plant has different toxicities or different quality and quantity as in the case of Cannabis, that is why the number of drops of mother tinctures is per 10 ml.