CBD – 6 Different Products Ways To Ingest

cbd - 6 different products

CBD is the compound of cannabis responsible for most of the medical benefits. While the THC in marijuana can make you feel ‘high’ or intoxicated, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects.

For this reason, many medical marijuana patients choose to use CBD. It’s used to treat anxiety, epilepsy, PTSD, arthritis, chronic pain, and a host of other health problems. It’s been scientifically proven to help your physical and mental health with no serious side effects.

So do you smoke CBD like regular cannabis? Not exactly. You can smoke high-CBD strains of marijuana, but you’ll also get some psychoactive effects. However, there are various pure CBD products that are easy to use, packed with medical properties, and won’t get you high. Here are CBD 6 different products ways to ingest.

CBD CapsulesBuy Edibles Online Canada Green Society

work just the same as any other pill or capsule. Just swallow one with some water and you can get all the positive effects of CBD.

This is a useful method for many people due to how easy it is. Patients who want their CBD fast and efficiently can quickly take a CBD capsule without any extra effort needed.

We currently offer assorted CBD and THC pills. You can take capsules which contain a mix of CBD and THC or pure CBD pills which will purely act as medicine without giving you a buzz.

CBD E-Juice

If you like to vape, then CBD E-Juice might be your favorite method. These cartridges give you a healthy dose of CBD that you can use with a vape pen.

Vaping involves heating up CBD without burning or creating any smoke. This is ideal as you won’t get any of the negative effects smoking can cause to your lungs. It’s safe, simple, and very enjoyable.

E-Juice comes in various flavors, making it a fun way to take CBD. Whether you enjoy Blueberry, Mango or the taste of marijuana strains like Sour Diesel, vaping one will give you a smooth hit of CBD.

CBD EdiblesBuy MOTA Edibles CBD Fruit Jellies Online Green Society

Much like with capsules, you don’t need any extra equipment or effort to take CBD edibles. All you do is eat.

CBD Edibles come in various forms. You can get candies like gummies packed with CBD. You can also get packs which allow you to infuse your beverages with CBD. This makes ingesting CBD a breeze as you can enjoy your food or beverage while reaping the rewards.

Generally, you’ll get a good amount of CBD in edibles for the price. You can find edibles offering a mix of THC and CBD, with the amounts per serving shown on the pack. You can also buy pure CBD edibles. For instance, Twisted Extracts Peach Jelly Bomb gives you 80mg of pure CBD per piece.

CBD for PetsBuy Faded Cannabis Co Pet Relief Online Canada Green Society

CBD isn’t just beneficial for humans. It can also help your pets. It can give dogs and cats the same medical benefits you’d expect from CBD in a safe manner. So don’t worry, your pets won’t get high!

There are even CBD products designed specifically for pets. These usually come in the form of CBD-infused treats you can give to your pet like any other treat. These are made with pure CBD, so your beloved friend won’t get any of the intoxicating effects of THC.

If you want to help your pets with anxiety and pain relief, check out some of our affordable CBD for Pets products in our online store.

CBD Oil & TearsBuy Miss Envy CBD Oil Online Green Society

If you want a focused dose of CBD, then try CBD Oil. This gives you a potent form of CBD, meaning it can reach your bloodstream fast and give you medical perks for hours.

You can ingest CBD Oil in a few different ways. It’s often vaporized using vape pens or even tabletop vaporizers. However, you can also simply take a dropped, place some CBD Oil under your tongue and it’ll be absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

You can even use CBD Oil in your cooking. Drop some in your coffee or juice or add it to all kinds of foods where oil is regularly used. However, only add a small dose- it can be potent.

You can also try CBD Tears, which are a more concentrated form of cannabis oil. Products like Miss Envy Botanicals CBD Pheonix Tears give you a strong dose of potent CBD.

CBD Tinctures & TopicalsBuy Miss Envy CBD Oil Tinctures Online Green Society

are similar to CBD Oil or drinkable CBD Edibles. They’re produced by putting cannabis in a high percentage alcohol. This extracts the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant, resulting in a spirit infused with a high level of CBD.

Because there’s a high percentage of CBD in these, you don’t need to use a lot. They come in bottles with a dropper so you can microdose it. Much like with oil, you can ingest by putting a small amount under your tongue. CBD Tinctures are also ideal for mixing into your food or beverages. You can add it to coffee, salads, pasta, and all kinds of other foods and drinks.

CBD can also come in the form of CBD Topicals. These are creams and salves that can be applied directly to the skin. Many patients prefer using CBD in this form as you can apply it directly to the affected area. Topicals are also effective. One study found that transdermal CBD gel significantly helped to reduce joint pain and inflammation for arthritis patients. Wellness provides a pure CBD creme that’s great for everyday use.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

All of these methods will give you the same benefits for your health, so how you choose to take it is purely down to personal preference.

If you want the easiest method, then taking CBD Capsules requires nothing more than swallowing a pill. If you want it to be a little more enjoyable, try some tasty CBD Edibles or add some CBD Oils or Tinctures to your food.

Those who enjoy vaping will prefer CBD E-Juices. These come in various flavors allowing for a smooth and efficient way to get your CBD.

If your pet is experiencing chronic pain or anxiety, then try out some of our healthy and safe CBD treats for pets. These give you pets the same wellness benefits humans get from CBD.

If you want to reap the medical benefits of CBD but still enjoy getting high, there’s plenty of options. Many of our CBD products, such as capsules and oils, can also come in varieties with added THC. These give you the enjoyable high you’d expect from marijuana as well as a high dose of CBD. Indica strains are also ideal for those who want a relaxing and sedating high with a lot of CBD.


If you enjoy marijuana for its medical benefits, then CBD products can give you a concentrated dose without THC. These can be ingested in all kinds of ways, from eating to vaping or even just taking a pill. It’s easier than ever for patients to get a dose of CBD in a safe and easy manner without any risk of becoming intoxicated.

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