Green Society’s Top Cannabis Vapes

Top Cannabis Vapes

Wondering what cannabis vapes you should try out next? There are a large number of different strains of cannabis available now, so it can be very overwhelming to decide just which ones you’re interested in. Keep in mind that in order to vape cannabis, you need to grind up the marijuana in its dried form and use a vaporizer.

New consumers of cannabis need to choose a strain that will not overwhelm them. Experienced consumers may prefer more exotic strains with new and interesting effects. Our experts have compiled a list of our top ten most popular cannabis vapes for customers to choose from.

Indica or Sativa?

This list includes both Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Most regular users of cannabis should be familiar with the differences between the two. Indica has a calming and relaxing effect. Sativa does the opposite, providing a boost of energy and heightening the perceptions and senses. Hybrids provide a mixture of the two effects.

As many people generally prefer one strain over the other, we looked at them in a balanced manner and picked out some of the most popular ones of each type.

Our 10 Most Top-Rated Cannabis Vapes On The Market

1. Black Diamond

A hybrid strain that leans towards Indica. Hailing from North California, Black Diamond tops the list for a variety of reasons. It is popular and highly rated by all customers. One word to describe Black Diamond is “rich”. It has strong, purple coloured buds with an earthy smell, and gives off very dense and strong fumes when burnt.

In terms of effects, it is a very strong relaxant and sedative. It also induces appetite, making it great for people who suffer from insomnia or a lack of appetite. We recommend taking this at night and keeping snacks close to hand.

Black Diamond Strain

2. Death Bubba Kush

Despite the ominous name, Death Bubba Kush is one of the most highly rated and popular Indica dominant hybrids. It contains nearly 70% Indica. What sets it apart from its peers is the incredibly high level of THC present in it. It can contain up to 75% THC.

Death Bubba Kush has extremely potent effects. Its name comes from the extremely deep sleep it induces. Between vaping it and falling asleep, users will experience a high, experiencing psychosomatic effects and feeling energetic and motivated. The strong effects make it very popular for use at night-time.

3. King Louis XIIIBuy King Louis XIII Strain Online Green Society

History aficionados will recognize the name as that of the seventeenth century French Monarch. Like it’s namesake, it is a rich and intense Indica strain with an intoxicating aroma. An Indica strain, King Louis XIII contains around 20 to 26 percent THC. When consumed, it acts extremely quickly. First, it creates a sense of contentment and relaxation. Then it lulls the body into a sedate and comfortable state. It is extremely popular as a treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression or loss of sleep.

4. Strawberry Cough

A sativa strain, it has a distinctive smell of strawberries that gives it its name. Like most sativa strains, Strawberry Cough has a potent effect that uplifts the senses and enhances sights, smells and tastes. Most users feel a sense of euphoria and satisfaction, enabling them to perform better in social situations without feeling nervous and helping them make the most out of their creative talents.

Strawberry Cough

5. Grapefruit

One of our most popular Sativa strains and also a long-term classic of marijuana. Grapefruit can also be considered a hybrid, as it contains 30% Indica. However, it is the 70% Sativa that gives Grapefruit its potent effects.

Grapefruit is a powerful strain with high concentrations of THC and low CBD. This makes it very popular for recreational use, as users experience an uplifting in mood and a sense of euphoria. It also has a pleasant flavour, smelling like a combination of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. Due to its low level of CBD, it is not very effective at some medical purposes such as relieving epilepsy, but it can be used to help with other conditions such as anxiety, pain and distress.

6. Tuna Kush

Buy Black Tuna Kush Online Green Society

An extremely effective and popular strain of Indica, Tuna Kush was in fact developed here in Canada. Green Supreme, a group of cannabis growers in Vancouver, invented it by crossing two other strains Herijuana and Lamb’s Bread. They meticulously cultivated it to an extremely high quality.

Tuna Kush is very potent and contains a high level of THC. Its sedative effect is useful as a relief for pain and insomnia

7. Girl Scout Cookies

Despite its innocent name, Girl Scout Cookies is a very well-known strain of marijuana. Originating from California as a cross between OG Kush and a strain known as Durban Poison. As a hybrid strain, it features an award-winning level of THC. Users will find themselves simultaneously experiencing euphoric and psychosomatic effects. This combination of sensations has helped Girl Scout Cookies win a number of Cannabis Cup Awards.

8. Durban Poison

Hailing from exotic locales, Durban Poison is a South African strain. It is

Buy Durban Poison Strain Online Green Society

almost purely Sativa and is one of the most popular strains for developing various hybrids, including #7 on this list. It has an interesting smell, mixing earthy scents with a spicy and tangy undertone and a hint of sweetness.

As a purely Sativa strain, Durban Poison has a strong uplifting effect. Users experience a burst of energy that is very useful for day-to-day purposes. Its uplifting effect makes it very effective for treating medical conditions such as depression, fatigue, pains and nausea.


9.  Black Cherry Soda

A hybrid strain, Black Cherry Soda features a 20:80 ratio of Indica to Sativa. It has a potent, uplifting high that some people have described as a tingling sensation across the upper body and head. In terms of physical appearance, this strain stands out, with its tiny, dense buds covered in orange, crystalline growths.

10. OG Kush Special

It’s hard to make a list of the most popular strains of marijuana without mentioning OG Kush. It is the original Indica strain that almost all other modern strains of cannabis are developed from. It remains a classic to date, nearly thirty years later. In terms of characteristics, it has a high concentration of THC and similar effects to most other Indica strains.

Wrapping Up

The use of marijuana has increased hugely as both a pastime and a medicine. While it is already legal in Canada, the majority of people now support legalizing it everywhere throughout North America.

Therefore, there are a huge number of strains available nowadays. If none of the strains listed so far appeals to you, our store has plenty of other strains for you to choose from!

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